1. Pick out what you like and buy it online.

Pick out the items you want in the shop, and pay for it. This website will send me the list of what you’re looking to buy. I make every single thing custom, and I make it by hand, specifically for you – so I don’t “stock” anything.

I pick out the specific materials for everything I make – like a specific hide, the exact hardware, the right thread for the job, and whatever else I need to make the thing.

2. We'll have to have a talk.

When I get your order, I’m gonna reach out to you to talk about you. We can do a call, or text, or email, or IM, whatever you’re comfortable with. But you and I are gonna have to have us a little palaver. That means a talk.

To make you something you really love, I’ll want to know how you plan on using what you’re buying. We’ll also talk about special requests, and what materials you like.

3. Get to work.

Once we know what we’re making, I’m gonna go out to my workshop and make it, and then I’ll ship it to you when I’m done. I don’t really know how long it will take, it will depend on lots of different factors.

But generally, a larger item like a bag takes a couple of months, and smaller items a few weeks, give or take. I’ll try and give you a good idea on a timeline when we have our talk.