Hi, I'm Oliver.

I make interesting things out of leather for interesting people.

Everything I make, I make by hand.

I have a small workshop in Putnam County, Indiana.

None of my work is outsourced.

The materials I use are the best you can get anywhere.

Everything I make is custom. 

All my work has a lifetime guarantee.

(My lifetime, not yours).



Now pour yourself a nice glass of whiskey

and listen to some tunes with me while you

pick out some awesome custom-tailored leather.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you just make leather bags?

Nope – I make all kinds of things out of leather . . . basic stuff like wallets, belts, padfolios . . . and super-custom stuff. Like I made a custom drum stick bag for a musician friend of mine, and a custom leather holster for a buddy of mine in law enforcement. Whatever you need, I can probably make for you.

What kinds of material do you use?

Every project is different, so I use a lot of different types of high quality leathers. My favorites are _________________________. I also use Maine Thread on most of my projects, because ___________________ and I prefer to use 100% brass hardware, because of how it looks as it ages. I have used chrome and other types of hardware for different projects though.

Can I buy that exact bag on your website?

Every thing I make is unique and different, because every hide is unique and different. But I can make you a pretty close version of anything you see on the site, or anything you can imagine, really.

Why is all your stuff so expensive?

Everything I make . . . I make. It takes a long time. I use the best available materials. It took me years and years to develop the skills to create these items. And most of the larger items are unique and custom made for you.